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Rino Solberg is a well-known Norwegian Inventor, Entrepreneur, Industrialist, Philanthropist, Speaker and Author who has built businesses on 4 continents over 50 years, written and published 10 Books within the area of "Personal Development"

For Unislip, Rino Solberg started the company "Unislip" when he in 1974 was 30 years old and invented a unique grinding machine for valves and got patents in 12 countries on his invention.

Demonstration of the Unislip machine: Video: Click Here to watch Video

In 1977, he joined marketing forces with another Norwegian, Ole Jorgensen d.y. who operated from London and together they sold "Unislip" machines all over the world. For 13 years.
Rino Solberg run his manufacturing company in Norway, with daughter companies in Germany, Japan and USA and had agents for his "Unislip" machines in 25 countries.

The machine was unique and quickly became the world leader in this business. The customers were tank ships, refineries and power stations all over the world. Today, probably 70-80% of all the nuclear power plants in the whole world have his machines. He sold the successful company after 13 years in 1987 and started a training and publishing company. He then published several magazines and trained over 1000 companies in the areas of; Leadership, Sales, Quality Management, Time Management, Teamwork and Motivation. He has also written 10 books within these areas.

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